Cappadocia Daily Private Tours

he first stop is at Göreme panorama, the best place to admire the beautiful fairy-chimneys. The most magnificent landscape around Göreme has been formed from its solidified lava streams, its ash and tuff stone. The stunning landscape of Cappadocia is the result of thousands of years of continual erosion, which has shaped the tuff deposits into the strangest pyramids and cones.
Then you go to Uçhisar, situated at the highest point in the region. The top of the castle provides a magnificent panorama of the surrounding area. Many rooms cut into the rock are connected with each other with stairs, tunnels and passages. At the entrances of the rooms, there are millstone doors, just like the ones in the underground settlements, used to control access to these places. Due to erosion, it is unfortunately not possible to reach all the rooms. You can climb to the top of the castle via tunnels and steps and enjoy the spectacular panoramic view, the best view in Cappadocia, second only to a hot-air balloon ride.
The next stop is at Kaymaklı underground city, which is one of the largest underground settlements in the region. It is accepted as the widest underground city of Cappadocia, among the explored ones. The houses in the village are constructed around the nearly one hundred tunnels of the underground city. The tunnels are still used today as storage areas, stables, and cellars. The underground city at Kaymaklı differs from Derinkuyu in terms of its structure and layout. The tunnels are lower, narrower, and more steeply inclined. Of the four floors open to tourists, each space is organized around ventilation shafts. This makes the design of each room or open space dependent on the availability of ventilation. The number of the storage rooms in such a small area supports the idea that a great number of people resided here. Archeologists think that this could have been up to 3500 people.

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